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That’s way too much earnestness for the ironic. It’s way too much idealism for the cynical. And it’s way too much selflessness for the self-absorbed. In short, people aren’t upset at Tebow’s God talk. They’re upset that he might actually believe it.

Stephen Tulloch "Tebowing" after sacking Denver quarterback Tim TebowDaniel Foster ends with this provocative thought in the National Review Online regarding Tim Tebow’s response to Detroit Lions linebacker Stephen Tulloch mocking his style of prayer after sacking the Denver Broncos quarterback: “He was probably just having fun and was excited he made a good play and had a sack. And good for him.”

The commentary is well worth reading. What do you think?

Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images.

~Trent Gilliss, senior editor

It is fascinating how mysterious everyone finds the idea that Tebow is legit. I am not sure if this says more about the world or the state of the church.

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