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The Next Frontier by Isaac Asimov
National Geographic July 1976

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*I see a hell of a lot of spaces like this in contemporary European airports

Yes, saw spaces like this on our recent trip…

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The partnership could have huge implications in the development of tiny, invisible computers.

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Amazingly cool…

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When suddenly, Cookie Monster.




// Ok, ok. The robocalypse of intelligent machines is still far away.


America’s Funniest Robots

So much hilarious.



Video: The Fujitsu lettuce factory.

After several years of shutting down production lines in chip fabrication facilities, the Japanese electronics giant is turning its sterile, dust free factory into a hydroponic lettuce farm.

edit: Have updated the video to a working link, it’s in Japanese now but you can still catch an English version here.

[see also the LED farm by Mirai]



The 10 Most Important Business Skills in 2020

Based on this report from the Institute for the Future.

This is important stuff.

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Pablo Picasso - A Simple Meal (1904)

Sometimes you see beauty where you least expect it. I expected to find beauty at St Stephens Basilica. What surprised me was the beauty I discovered in Libby’s heart. She was over come by the beauty. She took pictures of everything. She was in awe.

My daughter is trying to avoid eating any Hungarian food. So while we were out exploring we stopped at Burger King. It was decorated with American stuff. Baseball, football, and Chrysler. This is America.

Also, we saw a “American Fashion Store” where you can grab Hollister, Old Navy, etc…


"I hope you will have the strength to stand up and say, ‘So what?’” 

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