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Identity involves entering a community to draw strength from that community and to give strength too.

Andrew Solomon

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Most Saturdays this fall have been quiet. It is typically a day to sleep in, rest, and recover. We have very rarely done much of anything on a Saturday.

Quite simply Saturday has become a day of simple joy.

Our family gets to eat three meals together, on Saturday.

Our family gets to watch a movie together, on Saturday.

Our family gets to play together, on Saturday.

These are simple joys. There is nothing profound happening here. Just the simple joy of being together. Hearing one another laugh. Simply being in the same room together with no place else to go.

When was the last time you made time to experience simple joy?

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Happy 160th birthday, Oscar Wilde! “A Few Maxims for the Instruction of the Over-Educated,” published in 1894 and no less witty or wise today.

If there’s a better description of the Antioch Movement, I don’t know what it is.


This and That by Rachel Ferguson

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The following is from Ypsilanti Police Chief, Tony DeGiusti. He is responding to this article: http://www.heritage.com/articles/2014/09/16/ypsilanti_courier/news/doc5418accf5f9d6784224144.txt

Mr. Lange (Ypsilanti City Manager) has expressed that there has been some concern over an article that appeared in the Ypsilanti Courier last week that reported the City of Ypsilanti as the 5th most dangerous city in Michigan.  Unfortunately this is, plainly stated, poor journalism that utilized absolutely zero diligence in checking the research cited in the article.

  • The “source” for the information is Home Security Shield’s website.  If you go to the website you will find that the “source” is a company that sells security alarms.  This is hardly an unbiased source of research.
  • If    If you look at the website a little closer you will see that they have made a list for every other state as well.  As I checked it out I was shocked to find out that Orlando, Florida (Home of Disney and Mickey Mouse) was the second most dangerous city in Florida.
  • The method used to evaluate the positioning on the list is flawed.  They claim to use the FBI Uniform Crime Report, however that is only partially true.  The FBI UCR already has crimes broken down to the number per thousand.  Home Security Shield used our census population and then combined all of the violent and property crimes together and came up with their own number per thousand.
  • The number per thousand comparison is a flawed standard.  The FBI UCR treats all areas the same, however, not all areas are the same.  Areas that have major attractions such as Universities, Amusement Parks (like Disneyland) suffer a disparate impact from the large influx of people to those places which is not reflected in the census count.  These same type of areas provide more circumstances for crimes of opportunity.  In our case it is usually students that leave valuables laying around or in areas that are not locked.
  • Again looking at the website there is a small line at the bottom of each city that re-ranks them according to their violent crime.  The only one that is actually in the right spot is the City of Flint at #1.  Again this number is still based on the flat census number, but even taking that into consideration it drops us to #9.  We are not the only city to suffer this poor reporting.  If you look at violent crime as reported the Cities of Lincoln Park and Monroe are not even in the top 10, yet they are #9 and #10 on this list.
  • There is no definition of what they are using as a violent crime or which crimes they area including in the count.  Is it the seven major crimes that are the usual count or have they included misdemeanor assaults and domestic violence to tip the scales for their sales campaign?  That is unclear at best.

After speaking with Mr. Lange about this issue we felt that we should share this perspective.  We certainly have some challenges in the City and we are not crime free by any standard, but we are far from what was portrayed in this article. 

Tony DeGiusti
Chief of Police
City of Ypsilanti Police Department

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Thom Yorke to distribute album through BitTorrent via Yahoo News Digest

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He who binds to himself a joy
Does the winged life destroy
He who kisses the joy as it flies
Lives in eternity’s sunrise
William Blake, quoted in our upcoming show with public intellectual for the millennial generation, Nathan Schneider. (via beingblog)